Charles Dominey

M L Von Franz

Von-Franz     Marie-Louise Von Franz was born on January 4, 1915 in Munich, the daughter of an Austrian baron, and moved to Switzerland with her family at the age of three. 
She met C.G. Jung at the age of eighteen and remained a close student and collaborator until his death in 1961.  She studied Classics at the University of Zurich and received a Ph.D with a specialty in Medieval Latin, and assisted Jung in the translation of alchemical texts which he used as the basis for his ideas on the psychological foundation of alchemy.
More than anyone in Jung's immediate circle of students, von Franz developed and carried his ideas forward especially in the area of the psychology and interpretation of fairytales and mythological motifs and the archetypal aspect of numbers and their role in the relationship between the psyche and matter. She published more than twenty books. 
She died at the age of 83 on February 17, 1998, having  lent her name to the Research And Training Center In Depth Psychology According to Carl Gustav Jung and Marie-Louise von Franz which was established in Zurich in 1994.