Charles Dominey


Charles DomineyI first became acquainted with C.G. Jung and his life and work while growing up in a medical family in California and New England. But it was as a student of Classics and Philosophy at The University of Texas in the late sixties that I encountered Jung in an immediately personal way which unexpectedly changed the course of my life.  This encounter developed into a personal interest, and led to study at the C.G. Jung Institute in Zurich where I became a diplomate in 1978, with the thesis "Archetype And Idea: Some Points of Correspondence Between Jung's Theory Of Archetypes  And Plato's Theory Of Forms."  While there I had the opportunity to meet and study with some of Jung's original inner circle, particularly Marie-Louise Von Franz. 

I have been a practicing Jungian Analyst in Austin, Texas for over 35 years.  During that time I have given classes on Jung's Collected Works, Psychology and Interpretation of Dreams and Fairytales, Psychological Types, and Basic Principles of Analytical Psychology.  I am engaged in individual analysis and psychotherapy, conducting dream interpretation groups, and am training candidates for study at the Research And Training Center In Depth Psychology in Zurich.  I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and Counselor Supervisor for Texas LPC Interns.

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